Money Saving Coupon codes vs Cashback

If you’re an online shopper, you may be familiar with cashback sites that offer you money back on your purchases. However, here at, we argue that coupon code websites may actually be a better option.

Coupon codes vs Cashback - which is better?

When it comes to saving money on your purchases, there are many options available, including using coupon codes and cashback sites. While both options can help you save money, there are several benefits to using coupon codes over cashback sites.

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  • Instant savings: Coupon codes offer instant savings on your purchase. All you have to do is enter the code at checkout, and the discount will be applied immediately. With cashback sites, you have to wait for your cashback to accumulate and then redeem it.
  • More control: Coupon codes give you more control over your savings. You can choose which items you want to apply the discount to and how much you want to save. With cashback sites, you have to rely on the site to track your purchases and apply the cashback.
  • No minimum purchase: Coupon codes often have no minimum purchase requirements, which means you can save money on even small purchases. With cashback sites, you often have to make a minimum purchase to be eligible for cashback.
  • No waiting period: Coupon codes are available immediately, whereas cashback sites often have a waiting period before your cashback is available. This can be frustrating if you need the savings right away.
  • More discounts available: There are often more coupon codes available than cashback offers. This means you can save money on a wider range of products and services.
  • Easy to use: Coupon codes are easy to use. You simply enter the code at checkout, and the discount is applied. With cashback sites, you may have to jump through several hoops to get your cashback, including downloading a browser extension or clicking through a specific link.

Why do advertisers offer coupon codes?

Advertisers use coupons as a marketing tool to attract new customers by offering discounts or special deals. Coupons create a sense of urgency and incentive for customers to try out a new product or service, which can lead to repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals.

This differs to cashback sites because there is a lack of urgency, or a lack of incentivising new customers. Cashback customers are more likely to already be in the purchasing mindset and therefore looking to get back some of the money spent back into their account for later redeeming. With coupons, often a new customer is attracted because a coupon code exists for one retailer but not another.

Seasonal Activity

Unlike cashback platforms, coupon code websites promote a wide range of holidays and seasonal promotions throughout the year. Some of the most popular include major holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day. Other promotions may include back-to-school deals, summer sales, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and end-of-season clearance events. Additionally, coupon code websites may offer special discounts for specific events or occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries.

The Verdict

While cashback sites can be a useful way to save money, coupon codes offer several benefits over cashback sites. They offer instant savings, more control over your savings, no minimum purchase requirements, no waiting period, more discounts available, and are easier to use. So next time you’re shopping online, be sure to check for coupon codes from website such as before using a cashback site.

As a coupon code website, opinions on using coupon codes are biased towards the use of coupon codes. This post is to draw the positives and the negatives of cashback and how it compares to using cashback for both the advertiser and the consumer.

Posted: 15th March, 2023

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